• Can I tell you we both put the umbrellas ☂ up in Scotland it was raining and the wind well and truly blowing. The umbrellas did what you say. And before that used them at home, I am not employed or know this company they are not paying me. But I think if there’s a product that is as good as they say we should share seriously fabulous

  • I acquired two of your umbrellas when they first come on sale very good i have just ordered a leopard print one my wife really likes your umbrellas as women keep asking where can i purchase one she always gives them your e-mail address hope you get more orders

    Richard Allen
  • Wow!! This is THE best Umbrella I have ever bought, perfect for British Summer Downpours and attending summer events while having a good field of view even in the worst that Summer in the UK can deliver! Amazing quality of construction and Amazing value for money!

    Mr James Mcbeth
  • I love this umbrella, I bought it to watch my son play football, with the clear panel at the front I can watch the game and stay dry,

  • Brilliant brolly! Attracts a few strange looks but keeps you really dry and usable in v. high winds along the sea-front, but you need the transparent panel version!

    Mr Loughnan
  • That really work well as advertised. They are a superb idea that has long been needed. Well thought out and necessary.

    Steve Wittberger
  • Brilliant design and so very very easy to open up as vell as the really useful carry strap, a totally brilliant piece of kit for that rainy day. Go buy one for yourself

  • It’s taken me a while to get around to writing, but I wanted to get in touch to say how much we are enjoying the Rainshader. We live in Amsterdam, where the most common form of transport is the bike… and for mothers with young kids, cargo bikes are our ‘cars’. In the rainy Amsterdam weather, I needed something to keep my son dry, but that allowed visibility. I’ve attached photos so you can see how well this works!

  • Hi Doreen,

    I tried to get this review to your website yesterday, clearly I was doing something wrong, I’m not brilliant with technology! 

    So, I send my review to you here instead, hoping you you can please pass it to your ‘review’ page.



    I purchased my first ‘clear Rainshader’ 2-3 yrs ago and mostly, it lives in my golf bag as often I’m found on a golf course! ! My ‘Rainshader’ whilst keeping me dry, gives all round viewing so can always be aware of my playing partner’s position! I also, can place it 

    on my golf bag, when striking my ball, so no need to put it down even! There are enough hassles striking a golf ball in the wind & rain to worry about, without having to compound all by fighting to keep an umbrella up too!


    In everyday life, this umbrella gives me reassurance that if rain is forecast I’m still happy to go out for a walk too, as I know, I can keep dry and it’s dome shape, perfect for compact cover with a view ahead! If on a pavement passing other people, I remain confident I do not invade their space & of course if not needed, the umbrella can be at the ready, lightweight, on my shoulder. 


    My ‘Rainshader’ is great, for any showers or downpours & is definitely, 100% part of my golf equipment! 


    I have purchased another ‘Rainshader’ recently, as a gift and once again, I was not disappointed, my communication received very quick responses & the service, I would highly recommend. Thank you.




We cover the UK doing events and shows so you can take a look at the Rainshader windproof umbrella collection and try one before you buy!

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Ladies windproof umbrella
Ladies windproof umbrella
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Windproof dome umbrella


Ladies windproof umbrellas

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