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Windproof Umbrellas

About Rainshader

Our story begins from a day at the races when the weather was wet & windy and the conventional umbrella blew inside out leaving us standing outside to suffer the UK weather elements; “Sounds familiar” I hear you say! Well not any more with our windproof umbrellas.

You, like us, understand the disadvantages of the conventional umbrella where they can be prone to:

  • blowing inside out leaving you wet, which can destroy your best suit or your hair (especially after you have just visited the hairdressers)
  • dangerous to passers-by, poking them in the eye
  • blocking spectators views at sporting events or festivals
  • can be dangerous in thunderstorms if steel frames are used

This is why we have paid special care and attention to the technical detail, designing a range of contemporary windproof umbrellas to ensure that you will be fully protected with confidence when using in the rain, wind and sunshine. We offer 3 different designs sport, panoramic, or clear all manufactured to the highest quality with you in mind.

As a family run business established in 2013, we are proud of our business and Brand, we understand our customers needs, provide excellent customer service and offer easy access for you to contact us.

  • That really work well as advertised. They are a superb idea that has long been needed. Well thought out and necessary.

    Steve Wittberger

High quality umbrella and secure delivery

Receive your item in 1-3 days

We value all of our customers and ensure that you all receive a high quality Umbrella, packaged and delivered to you within 1-3 days or as stated on our delivery page.


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