Our Unique promotional umbrellas by Rainshader provide excellent exposure for advertising your logos or messages. Not to mention there are 10 different panels to advertise your branding on which results in 100% visibility to passers-by.

Uniquely, We brand our Rainshader promotional umbrellas to your requirements. Moreover, they provide a wonderful gift for your customers or team members. Alternatively  you can use them at Hospitality Events. Resulting in constant exposure for your advert.

For best results we recommend the Rainshader Sport Umbrella or Panoramic Umbrella, after all you want the most exposure you can get and these will provide that to you.


  • DOME

    Our superb PROMOTIONAL umbrellas show your logo and are 100% visual to all passers-by on the side and back panels. We have engineered the design to a high standard to provide safety in crowds and they won’t poke passers-by in the eyes. The Rainshader will not invade others space as it covers your shoulders only.


    This is perfect for viewing and navigating in crowds, as well as protecting your head and face from the wind and rain.


    We have performed wind tunnel tests which show Rainshader umbrellas withstand winds up to 50 mph. As a result they will not let you down as it’s virtually impossible to blow inside out. Two of the rear panels are VENTED improving the umbrellas strength and stability in the wind.

For All Promotional Trade enquiries please contact us at:


    Our umbrellas come with a matching shoulder strap for carrying your umbrella. This has been specially designed to be large enough to easily slide your umbrella into. Leaving your HANDS FREE to shop, travel and spectate


    Rainshader umbrellas are STRONG as we use high quality fibreglass for its Ribs. Above all, it produces a LIGHTWEIGHT umbrella.  Another feature is the ERGONOMIC HANDLE made of rubber which is easy to grip, fitting comfortably in your hand and will not slip

In conclusion, your Logo/message is finished to a high standard and will be delivered within the time you provide.


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