We have gone through some of the most asked questions and have put together some information and videos about our windproof dome umbrella, the Rainshader. Please take a look and get in touch for more information.

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Why is the velcro strap on the inside?

The velcro strap on our strong windproof umbrella is high and on the inside for a reason, unlike conventional umbrellas. The ribs on the front are short and when you fold it down, the strap folds in the ribs and then you can slide it into its carry case.

Take a look at us folding the umbrella down here

Why buy the Rainshader?

  • WINDPROOF – designed  with side vent panels, withstands wind up to 50mph because it was tested in a wind tunnel
  • DOME – unique  dome design, covers head and shoulders. Allows you to walk/stand in a crowd safely as it covers your space only. DOESN’T PROD PASSERS-BY IN THE EYE
  • UV PROTECTION– material used UV factor 20.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT– Rainshader use high quality fibreglass for its Ribs  to produce a STRONG and  LIGHTWEIGHT umbrella. Another feature is its ERGONOMIC HANDLE.  Formed of  rubber, easy to grip, therefore fits comfortably in your hand and will not slip
  • SHOULDER STRAP– Matching shoulder strap designed large enough to slide your umbrella inside, leaving your HANDS FREE to shop.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please take a look at our online shop and see some of our best sellers below.


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