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Re-Plan for Spring

Whatever plans we had, we can still do most of them, only we must think about different ways in which we carry them out

Every year many of us look forward to March as it’s the first month of Spring. We see colourful flowers blooming; leaves start to grow in hedges and trees and we come alive after a long-wilted winter.  Sadly, Spring for March 2020 has seen the growth of Covid19 which is affecting all of us in different ways.  So how can we keep the spring into our lives during lockdown?

The clocks go forward – Spring is in the air

Meaning we have longer, warmer lighter days ahead, where we are normally planning DIY projects, Gardening and arranging outdoor social events with our families, friends and neighbours.  But regrettably this year Spring has taken on a new meaning as it has become “the season of Covid19”and therefore our plans have changed. 

What were your plans and how can you change them to stay safe?

  1. Meeting up with friends and family – this can still be accomplished, with the wide range of technology you can keep in touch by phone or using, Skype, WhatsApp, social media, facetime and Zoom to name just a few. We are in isolation, but we can

arrange a social evening with friends

hold quizzes and games

let your children talk to their friends

talk to friends and families as “talking” is so important during these difficult times and for our mental health.

  1. DIY and Gardening projects – we are all so lucky and thankful to Businesses who have closed their shops and are offering us delivery services. We can Order online and have deliveries to your door, keep active, carry out your springtime projects you now have the time to complete
  2. Spring cleaning – love it or hate it, as soon as the sun shines and we open up our windows to let the fresh air in, we get stuck into cleaning everything.  Although i must admit i don’t always have the products in place for this.  However now we have to plan our shopping trips i am checking all cupboards so i have something to do during my time at home
  3. Shopping for gifts and presents – planning to have a day out shopping to buy gifts/presents. Take away the stress order online.  With Rainshader, you can place your order, change the delivery address and with huge thanks to the Royal Mail, we will deliver to the recipients’ address. You can stay in contact with your friends and family and show them you are thinking of them during these stressful times.

So how do we look after ourselves during this Spring

We need to stay fit and healthy and as we can no longer plan days out, we can:

  • open up our windows and let the fresh air into our house.
  • Embrace the quietness around us as we listen to the birds singing
  • Exercise every day, feel those happy endorphins
  • Feel the warmth or breeze on our skin
  • Eat healthy
  • Feel alive




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