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Our dome, clear windproof umbrella is a unique design, due to its versatile uses. Whether you want to use this for standing, sitting, walking, a wheelchair or a pushchair, this umbrella comes with 360 vision so you call see all around with ease. The dome design keeps the umbrella in your space and offers you a windproof brolly that won’t go inside out. This clear umbrella is lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap making it easy to take anywhere in case you need it.




The Dome, Clear windproof umbrella by Rainshader is manufactured with 10 Panels from high quality clear PVC for 360 viewing.  Rainshader umbrellas are strong, lightweight, fitted with a comfortable Branded rubber handle. The umbrella folds up easily using secured velcro strap ready to place easily into its matching shoulder carry sleeve/strap. Undergone extensive tests in a wind tunnel to gale force 7.

Rainshader windproof umbrella, the benefits:

  • ALL CLEAR – the most VERSATILE umbrella out there because not only does it gives you 360 vision when walking/standing in crowds it is also great for wheelchair users. Above all an excellent umbrella when used at sports events and concerts as it covers your space only and you will not block other people’s view.
  • WINDPROOF – tested to 50mph in a wind tunnel STORMPROOF to Gale Force 7 and WON’T let you down as it’s virtually impossible to blow inside out. Also the Dome design shelters your head and shoulders from the wind which will keep you warm and dry
  • PVC coated with a powder to prevent sticking together and will wash off.  Also due to packaging the PVC will be creased on arrival but will disappear over time.
  • DOME – design engineered to a high standard to provide safety when you walk/stand in crowds as they won’t poke passers-by in the eyes or invade their space as it covers your shoulders only
  • LIGHTWEIGHT– Rainshader umbrellas are STRONG due to the high quality fibreglass used for its Ribs which ultimately produces a LIGHTWEIGHT umbrella that is flexi in the wind. Another feature is its ERGONOMIC HANDLE made of rubber, fits comfortable in your hand and none slip.
  • SHOULDER STRAP– Lastly the umbrella arrives with a Black shoulder strap, designed large enough for you to easily slide your umbrella inside leaving your HANDS FREE.

We trust you will enjoy your product and thank you for choosing your Rainshader over a conventional umbrella.

The Rainshader is designed in the UK and manufactured in China.


10 spoke fiberglass ribs – chosen for our high quality umbrella as the material is strong and flexible
Black aluminium shaft – lightweight
Rubber grip handle – comfortable easy grip
Canopy – Quality clear PVC
Carry Case – Black shoulder carrying sleeve/strap (leaving you with free hands)
Height – 90cm
Width – 5cm when closed
Canopy width – 72cm when open
Weight – 0.5kg.

2 reviews for ICE Rainshader

  1. Aps

    I bought 2 children’s umbrellas for my children who are aged 4 and 5. The umbrellas give excellent protection when walking to and from school in the rain and whilst out shopping. They look stylish and they are lightweight. We get lots of compliments about our umbrellas. The umbrellas do not blow inside out or break in the wind. These are the best umbrellas I have ever bought for my children and my adult rainshader umbrella is fantastic also. I recommend these umbrellas.

  2. Doreen Sydenham

    Hi Doreen,
    I tried to get this review to your website yesterday, clearly I was doing something wrong, I’m not brilliant with technology!
    So, I send my review to you here instead, hoping you you can please pass it to your ‘review’ page.

    I purchased my first ‘clear Rainshader’ 2-3 yrs ago and mostly, it lives in my golf bag as often I’m found on a golf course! ! My ‘Rainshader’ whilst keeping me dry, gives all round viewing so can always be aware of my playing partner’s position! I also, can place it
    on my golf bag, when striking my ball, so no need to put it down even! There are enough hassles striking a golf ball in the wind & rain to worry about, without having to compound all by fighting to keep an umbrella up too!

    In everyday life, this umbrella gives me reassurance that if rain is forecast I’m still happy to go out for a walk too, as I know, I can keep dry and it’s dome shape, perfect for compact cover with a view ahead! If on a pavement passing other people, I remain confident I do not invade their space & of course if not needed, the umbrella can be at the ready, lightweight, on my shoulder.

    My ‘Rainshader’ is great, for any showers or downpours & is definitely, 100% part of my golf equipment!

    I have purchased another ‘Rainshader’ recently, as a gift and once again, I was not disappointed, my communication received very quick responses & the service, I would highly recommend. Thank you.

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